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Anh Chi, MFA, RYT 500

Certified Yoga Therapist

Anh Chi helps busy people prioritize time for themselves, recovering their health, joy and vitality –that zest for life that they may not even realize they are missing. A Certified Yoga Therapist and Yoga Instructor, she uses simple yet powerful tools to help students reduce stress, feel stronger and gain mental clarity so that they can respond to life’s inevitable challenges with greater calmness, effectiveness, and grace.

Private One on One Sessions

As a yoga therapist, I adapt the classical methods of yoga to foster holistic well-being. My role is to be an advocate for your health and for the highest vision that you have of your life (and sometimes to help you articulate and find that vision).

As such, I not only teach poses and breathing, but may incorporate meditation, visualizations, affirmations, dietary recommendations, and other lifestyle changes in your work together.

Most importantly, she addresses your needs on all levels: body, mind, and spirit, while emphasizing the innate wholeness that is already present in you.

Private sessions are available or I can also come to your home or office after the initial meeting. If your location is further than the office – no problem – we can negotiate a distance surcharge.

Contact me directly for 2015 Private Session Rates.

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“After a session with you I am totally relaxed and pain free. It’s ‘Nervana.’ The things you’ve taught me to do daily between sessions have helped to keep my body limber, and have improved my overall wellbeing. Your gentle approach has proven to be incredibly effective in relieving the nagging pain, as well as the muscle tension that accompanies fibromyalgia.”

~Carol Martin Wayne, Entrepreneur & Interior Designer, Newport Beach

“I am doing really well. I continue to improve and my pain is very much diminished. The biggest help has been the rubber balls on abdomen and back, the abdominal bracing and the relaxing of sitz bone area. Also the adjusting of my regular yoga poses. Overall, your training sessions were extremely helpful and I am super glad that I did them. Feeling like you can do something about an old injury [from surgery] instead of suffering with it is perhaps the biggest benefit.”

~Laurie Mayorga, Construction Manager, Tustin


“Anh Chi makes me a better person. She provides a safe space for all of us to grow. I especially enjoy the insights from her restorative classes. It has helped to deepen my meditation practice.”

~Howard Plass, Retired Psychologist, Irvine


“When we started, I had a minor hip fracture and the yoga helped me to recover faster. Since then, Anh Chi has also helped with my breathing and COPD. The yoga helps me to relax, sleep better, improve my concentration and golf game. I’ve noticed that my swing and follow-are better.”

~Dorie Amen, Grandmother and Golfer, Corona del Mar

“Anh Chi addresses my unique problems, from ankylosing spondylitis, with exercise and therapy. Not only does she vary each session to address the specific issues that I have at the time, but in-between times is taking courses, searching the internet, and studying to find new techniques and approaches to improve my health.”

~Paul Groner, Electrical Engineer, Santa Ana

“I want to thank Anh Chi in particular. I drew great benefit from her two gentle classes. This is an unusual and rare week for me because back pain and fatigue usually combine to limit my regular yoga routine. I am quite positive that Anh Chi’s classes were the reason I was able to profit from my regular classes later in the week… Thank you again for my week of healing.”

~Jane Rollingson, Registered Nurse, Anaheim