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Conrad Portillo

Clinical Hyphotherapy

Conrad Portillo is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, certified at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute, in San Francisco, CA with over 600 hundred hours of training. He is a member of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. He is also certified to administer Virtual Gastric Band, a suggestive weight loss therapy which is proven 95% effective; the patient’s subconscious believes that he/she has actually had the surgical procedure…but without an invasive surgery or reversal process. He is a certified Reiki Master, and has been a Reiki practitioner since 2007. He continues to explore additional healing modalities, including his most recent training in Tibetan Bowl “singing” classes.

Conrad works with a variety of clients, using proven techniques. He has been helping people to stop smoking, break addictions, lose weight, manage chronic pain, reduce anxiety, conquer phobias, build self-esteem, strengthen ego, understand and manage emotional responses, and improve academic and/or athletic performance. He uses the power of the subconscious mind combined with energy healing to achieve the client’s objectives. His techniques proven, effective, and relaxing.

His passion is to help others to achieve a healthy and peaceful life, and to find their own authentic path back to peace, happiness, and well-being.

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“I approached the OC Hypnosis Center to see if I could get some help with stress relief.

My job is very demanding, and I am taking blood pressure medication which sometimes isn’t able to contain the stress headaches that come on very demanding days. I was familiar with hypnosis before my visit, so I did not have anxiety about seeking treatment.

I know that a hypnotist is working with the subconscious mind, and that unlike the theatrical characterizations I have seen, I know that I may be in a semi-conscious state, aware of the session, and could not be coerced to do anything that I would not already do when fully conscious. (That was an “unpaid” political announcement for anyone who is afraid of being induced! Get over it! There is nothing to worry about.)

So I’ve had a few sessions now. In a matter of minutes, I get incredible relief. Conrad’s technique is smooth and effective. My headache and blood pressure both subside quite quickly. Afterward, I am mentally able to distance myself from the “stressor” for the rest of the day. I was provided with mental imagery to help me self-calm when I start to feel stressed out. It is very helpful.

Now, I want to try the weight loss sessions. I highly recommend OC Hypnosis to everyone. If you’re nervous trying it, just call and ask for Conrad.”


“My name is Doris, and I am a bus driver. I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was a teenager.

Over the years, I have endured worse and worse back pain as a result. The doctor said there was really nothing that I could do to reverse the pain. I sought help from others, traveling as far as Belize to check into a treatment. Nothing has worked. Walking or sitting for more than an hour at a time makes the pain very intense.

I am in my early 30’s, and I could not imagine living with ever increasing pain in the years to come.

A friend of mine said that hypnosis had helped her quit smoking, so I talked to her therapist – Conrad. I was skeptical that hypnotherapy could help, but I was desperate and willing to try anything.

After one session, my pain decreased from a very high level down to perhaps 1 on a scale of 1-10. I was amazed at how quickly it happened. I went back for another session, and the pain level is maintaining at next to nothing. Conrad said that he left a little tweak so that I would not forget about my condition and injure myself be forgetting about it.

I have to say, I don’t know how it worked, but I am living with virtually no pain. I am so thankful to Conrad for his help. I highly recommend him!”
~ Doris

“Hi! Everyone I just want to take this opportunity to thank Conrad and his therapy, after being a smoker for 30 years i took the step and visited Conrad’s therapy – did i had doubt, yes.

I had tried everything before and nothing would aid me to quit, but with hypnosis, and only 3 sessions and i found my self not just not wanting to smoke but really felling disgusted by the smell or smoke around me; now i am free from the most expensive and stinky habit i ever had!!!

Thank you Conrad for helping me succeed.
~ Leticia Abreu

Tibetan Bowl Healing

“I was able to get rid of shoulder pain that I have had since [my son] was two years old, so over 25 years! It was incredible uplifting and lightning work! Thank you, Conrad Portillo.”