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Rev. Martha K. Jensen, BS

Health Educator

Martha is a Health Educator specializing in Meditation and Mind/Body/Spirit practices. Using empathy and patience, she has taught hundreds of people the health benefits of Meditation.

Martha designs personalized programs using the creative array of meditative techniques.

  • Using the Breath
  • Mindfulness Meditation & other styles
  • Progressive Body Relaxation (AT)
  • Chanting
  • Stillness
  • Reiki
  • Grief Recovery through Meditation
  • Relaxing Meditation on Beauty
  • Thankfulness Meditation
  • Reading in the Round
  • Healing Sounds Attunement
  • Chakra Balancing

Since 2000, Martha has worked at UC Irvine Medical Center in Orange, Patient Health Education, teaching Meditation classes and Relaxation for Pre-Surgery patients and has worked in the medical field for over 20 years. 

Martha has Certifications in Holistic Wellness from Golden West College in Huntington Beach, Spiritual Direction from Loyola-Marymount LA, Reflexology from the Institute of Reflexology in San Diego, and Reiki II from the Reiki Institute of LA.  She has practiced Kundalini Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, and attends exercise classes at the Center for Successful Aging Cal State Fullerton.  Her creative interests are writing creative non-fiction short stories, photography, beading, art, music, liturgical song, Native American flute and drum, sound vibrations with Tibetan bowls, Ayurveda, and pursuing knowledge in these fields.   She has been active presenting to community health support groups and community organizations.

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“Martha has been facilitating Meditation for Health patient education programs for the University of California Irvine Medical Center for almost 15 years.  We began offering her programs in 2000 and have had a continued need that Martha has been able to fulfill with her knowledge and teaching skills.  She created multiple session meditation programs along with special topic meditation and relaxation programs.

Martha is a skilled practitioner of meditation and wellness.  Her programs are structured to teach basic to advanced skills to individuals as well as groups.  Her skills were brought to the attention of our anesthesiology department when they needed a new facilitator for their Preparing for Surgery-Mind, Body & Spirit program.  She has been teaching relaxation to pre-surgical patients twice each month since 2011.  Patient evaluations from the Preparing for Surgery group classes always state that the most helpful information was the meditation, breathing and relaxation exercises.

Martha, her knowledge and skills are invaluable in that she can assist and support your efforts to find inner peace.”

Marra Williams, CHES, UC Irvine Health Patient Education


“Martha’s classes are so wonderful. I have been taking them for several years. I am always so relaxed and balanced afterwards. I am busy working with lots of patients in clinical trials. I will never forget the food meditation we did in a small group with an imaginary cup of warm chocolate for one hour at a picnic bench outside on the hospital grounds.”

Sibylle, RN, PhD, Researcher, UCIMC


“What an incredible voice you have. It is so soothing. We wish you would make recordings. We wish you could come to surgery with us.”

Pre-Surgery Clinic patient , UCIMC


“I have learned so much from your meditation classes. I don’t hurt anymore. I’m giving you a jar of my private reserve honey from my farm down south.”

Class member, “Meditation for Health” series at UCIMC


“Words could never express how thankful we all are to have you as our guest speaker. We definitely appreciate your kindness and willingness to share your knowledge with us. Thank you.”

Clinical Social Worker, IBD Support Group at UC Irvine Medical Center


“I’m an IRS investigator. It is a hectic job. My stomach was in knots when I arrived. My doctor wanted me to try it. It was my first meditation experience. I couldn’t believe my stomach pain was gone at the end of the meditation.”

Class member, “Meditation for Health” series at UCIMC


“My little 5 year old, who wouldn’t put down his tablet, fell asleep listening to your voice as you did the guided visualization relaxation for our group in preparation for surgery. It was amazing to see him so relaxed. I’m telling everyone.”

Pre-Surgery Clinic patient, UCIMC


“We found out about your program from the staff at a medical appointment. They highly recommended it and strongly urged us to attend. Now that we have experienced it, we are so glad we came.”

Pre-Surgery Clinic patient, UCIMC