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Rev. Fe Murray, RN, MSN

Integrative Energy Therapy | Holistic Health and Nutritional Instruction | Spiritual Counseling

Fe is the Founder and Chief Energy Giver at Mana Kai Wellness Center. A registered nurse with a Masters of Science degree in Nursing, completion of graduate level Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program and well versed in Native American (Lakota Sioux) teachings and Hawaiian spirituality, she interweaves Spirit and Science into a workable worldview. Fe is also a graduate of the 4-year Soul Transformation program of Pathwork International.

  • Health Educator
  • Nutritional Consultant using Liver Purification Program with Standard Process
  • Standard Process Nutritional Supplementation
  • Acupressure, Jin Shin Do and Donna Eden Trained
  • Reiki Master
  • Cranial Sacral
  • Zero-Balancing
  • Chakra balancing
  • Hypnotherapy

Founding the Mana Kai Wellness Center comes from her passion for wellness and her passion to serve others, through the ancient practice of energy work and spiritual counseling.

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“Fe is a teacher, guide, perspective adjustor, soundboard bouncer, positive vibration generator and all around healer. She makes you feel like she is working ‘with’ you, not working ‘on’ your problems… That is the gift of a co-conspirator – she’s a natural seeker and it feels like a fellow explorer is in your cockpit. She brings clarity and wisdom to the table, with each experience I have with her. I’m sooooooo glad I decided to book an appointment with her, as someone simply ‘curious’ about what energy medicine was all about, nearly two years ago…”

“Fe Murray is not only an excellent R N but also a very talented Energy Healing Practitioner. She is very intuitive about the body and uses Reiki and crystals when needed. I recommend Fe very highly for any of your health problems.”
~Caroline C Pinola

“I was lucky enough to meet Fe Murray several years ago, at a time when there were multiple crises in my life.

Fe’s deeply intuitive skill has helped to balance me, guide me and ground me on a regular basis since then. I take less medication, have more energy, and have nearly eradicated some chronic health problems.”

“I made it to Greece just fine with no Xanax or any medication… It was a big step for me and I actually cried when I landed. I didn’t want to take anything on the plane because then my mind would have required it every time I traveled… Thanks for all the help you gave me.” 
~Y. Medenas

“I was referred to Fe through my sister and thank goodness I was. Fe has not only healed me through her amazing abilities as an energy worker, she has also helped transform my food intake drastically. She guided me towards a “gluten free” lifestyle and I am happy to report that she made it actually quite easy to achieve. I look forward to our sessions due to the fact that she is a healing spirit, knowledgeable nutritionist, and, I am happy to say, a good friend.”
~Trey W.
Laguna Niguel, CA
High School Teacher and proud father of two