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It’s all about prep and intention. The basic issue with western culture insomnia is that we don’t let go of the day. If we had a choice, most of us wouldn’t sleep. Too much to do.


Our room should be clean-ish and uncluttered. There should only be minimum electronics–such as a clock. Sun-blocking window covering, proper temperature control, and noise control–white noise generator might help.

Dim lights arounds around 7-8pm. No computers or bright stimulating screens after 9pm.


No caffeine or chocolate after 5pm. Last large meal before 8pm. Eat the majority of your carb intake at bedtime. For people sensitive to sugar, AVOID all refined carbs and processed foods! Those spinning crazy thoughts are related to food sensitivities, not just a over-stimulated brain. DRINK WATER–1/2 your weight in pounds = oz of water per day. Try to be finished by 9p.


Those of you that take caffeine, you must move your leg and arm muscles all day. Walking with alternate arm/leg swinging needs to occur moderately throughout the day. Minimize sitting to 30 mins straight, then get up and stretch. People who sit more than 6 hours a day have the same health issues as those who do not exercise at all.


Try yoga before bedtime. Poses that calm the nervous system tend to be sitting or lying and bend or stretch the spine.



Energy imbalances occur with acute and chronic stress. Seek natural and alternative body-mind therapies before prescription medications if you can.


Need to check with physician or health professional for contraindications with prescription meds and OTC meds. Also, pregnant and lactating females should not use supplements without guidance from health professionals. Children under 6 years of age should also avoid using herbal supplements.

5-HTP might increase the circulating serotonin in the blood. Also used as an appetite suppressant. Follow label instructions.

Melatonin 0.5 mg to 3 mg maximum. It is a hormone and therefore can trigger other hormone imbalances. You can buy it in 1 mg tabs so you can slowly increase it. It comes as an intranasal spray for quick onset for those having trouble sleeping. It comes as slow-release tabs for those who have trouble staying asleep. Some studies suggest that you take a dose at the first sign of sleepiness around 5p-7p, then again at bedtime.

Chamomile tea any time after 3pm can be calming and soothing.

Valerian capsules can be according to label instructions and is helpful for some. May take a dose at the first sign of sleepiness around 5p-7p, then again at bedtime.

If female, and in perimenopause or menopause, consider discussing the balancing estrogen, pregesterone, testosterone and possibly thyroid hormones.