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At what point does exercise become unhealthy?

“I exercise. I feel better but I am not losing weight. Am I doing it right?” It’s summer. It’s California and the pressure to do something about that body of yours is at a peak. In spite of all the good that exercise can do for us, there are... read more

Turmeric or Curcumin

Q. What do I buy for a natural anti-inflammatory product, turmeric or curcumin? A. Turmeric is the source of all curcumins. Curcumin is the active ingredient that seems to have an anti-inflammatory effect on body tissues. It must pass through the digestive system,... read more

Sleep Hygiene

It’s all about prep and intention. The basic issue with western culture insomnia is that we don’t let go of the day. If we had a choice, most of us wouldn’t sleep. Too much to do. THE ROOM Our room should be clean-ish and uncluttered. There should... read more

Gut Healthy Drinks

Gut healthy drinks. Here is a rough list of recipes for various natural remedies for different gut ailments. Usually, people have already consulted with me to discuss individual issues. Please contact me by email for specific questions. FMurray RN   VINEGAR... read more

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