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Our Wellness Movement Classes with Yoga and Hula

Yoga Therapy and Yoga Clinics

“I wish the yoga instructor would spend some time with me!”

“I have no idea if I am doing this right or if it is supposed to hurt!”


YOGA is just one of many ways  to stay healthy. It has intimidating moments and sometimes a little help is needed.

Our skilled yoga practitioners can guide those of us with mild-moderate physical challenges to find our EDGE–the point that doesn’t hurt but still brings our bodies’ posture into optimal range for therapeutic benefit.

Experience mental clarity and deep relaxation. Learn safe and easy practices for vibrant living and empowered aging.

Take control of your health and life again!

Kat Lee Shull

I am excited to share two new unique classes that I teach on Tuesdays at 10am and Thursdays at 1pm.

This is an opportunity for you (and I) to create a yoga practice that is specific to you.

Limited to 4 or 5 students per class, I will be working with you to build a sequence that addresses physical issues, stress reduction, relaxation, and other concerns you would like to work on in your yoga practice.

Genene Shambo

I teach because I am passionate about sharing the joy and insights I’ve discovered in my own practice.  To me, yoga is a way to connect to esoteric spiritual concepts by expressing them in physically grounded yoga poses that can create profound change in our daily lives!

Genene has been practicing yoga since 1998 and has been teaching since 2003.  She completed her 200 hour Teacher Training in 2007 and is a member of Yoga Alliance.  She has studied with many gifted teachers including Anthony and Rebecca Benenati, Noah Maze, Eric Small, Bryan Kest, and Richard Freeman.

Move Energy with the Power of Hula

Join me for Hula class and add a unique movement activity to your wellness plan. If you’ve never tried it, the experience just may surprise you!

Hula movements are especially helpful in moving the creative energy throughout the body. Many hula movements are meant to remind us to flow like the ocean. From our erect spines to our swaying hips, we move energy throughout all the chakras.

The music often focuses on the beauty of nature as it serves as a metaphor for birth, love, growth, loss, and death. The music can help to bypass the brain so that we can allow our hearts to open.

Class is for dancers and non-dancers. The focus is on creativity within the hula without an overemphasis on technique, as well as increasing the awareness of hidden emotions and their effect on our health.